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CCBHC 24/7 Crisis Service

Are CCBHCs required to have "open doors,” 24 hours per day? The provision of 24/7 Crisis Services are cornerstone to the CCBHC program, and one of the core/required services that must be provided. However, this does not mean that CCBHCs are required to operate the clinic (open doors) 24/7. Rather, CCBHCs must ensure that a client in crisis has access to crisis intervention and/or crisis stabilization services 24 hours per day. This can be achieved through a variety of approaches, including establishing a mobile crisis team, creating a hotline where those in crisis have access to clinicians, through care coordination, through partnership with law enforcement, etc. SAMHSA allows for flexibility in how a CCBHC implements the 24/7 crisis service, so long as the CCBHC criteria are met.

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