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CCBHC Psychiatric Rehabilitative Services

What are Psychiatric Rehabilitation services? Psychiatric Rehabilitation provides services that help those with severe mental illness to remain in the least restrictive environment by teaching psycho, social, emotional, and practical skills of daily living, in order to maximize a client's independence and self-reliance. Depending on a client's level of need and where they are in recovery, skills taught could include (but are not limited to) the following: budgeting, household chores, cooking, nutrition, managing interpersonal relationships, relaxation techniques, medication management, helping to extend social supports, hygiene, and employment skills.

How can the CCBHC achieve compliance with the Psychiatric Rehabilitation service? These skills can be provided by a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP) or by a case manager trained specifically to provide these services. In these cases, the case manager has a split/dual role as Case Manager and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist. While it may be beneficial or preferential, the CCBHC criteria does not require the role to have/obtain certification to provide this service.

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