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 CCBHC Support

Our focus is on the implementation, advancement, and expansion of the federally-funded Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) program across the nation. The development of the CCBHC program, which is a federal program administered by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA), can be understood in the four phases below.
No matter where an organization is in its CCBHC developmental process, we are here to help.
1. Assess Readiness for the CCBHC Program

 Is your organization's behavioral health department eligible and ready for the expansion and restructuring required to implement the CCBHC program? Do you have capacity, space, and personnel?

2. Prepare the  CCBHC Proposal and Application

SAMHSA typically releases the notice of funding (NOFO) between January and April. Be prepared to develop a solid implementation plan, project narrative, supporting attachments, and submit your grant.

3. Implement & Demonstrate Compliance 

SAMHSA specifies your start-up phase, and the date by when your first client is to be seen. Create, establish, develop, and update policies, work flows, protocols, and other logistical and programmatic components.

4. Evaluate the CCBHC & Report to SAMHSA

Using SAMHSA forms, your selected screening tools, performance measures, and attainment of the organization's objectives, engage in continuous evaluation of the CCBHC program. Report to SAMHSA as required.

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