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Implement CCBHC & Demonstrate Compliance

Being awarded CCBHC funding will substantially change the way behavioral health services are provided in the organization. Workflows, policies, staffing, services, partnerships, and trainings, will all require an update. The CCBHC program is different from other SAMHSA grants and from other federal grants because of the extensive regulations required by the CCBHC Criteria. The first grant year in particular can be cumbersome and challenging. Grantees must implement the activities proposed in their grant application, implement the nine (9) core services and other required activities, begin extensive patient and clinic level data collection, and demonstrate compliance to the CCBHC Criteria, all within 12 months of award. To assist new grantees, Gary Bess Associates (GBA) offers the services below.


GBA will work closely with the key personnel (Project Director and Evaluator) and other team members, during the launch and set-up of the program (Grant Year 1), to help new grantees understand the program and requirements, and help manage the deliverables. We will assist new grantee to:  (a) create sustainable frameworks  for future grant years (b) facilitate timelines for program deliverables; (c) help develop workflows for the implementation team; (d) provide guidance on implementation and compliance; (e) assist the Evaluator to organize and establish a comprehensive evaluation plan with data collection procedures, tools, and dashboard template; (f) provide guidance and structure for completing the Attestation/ Certification; (g) provide guidance on completing the Needs Assessment; and (h) draft the Disparity Impact Statement and Random Sampling Plan, which are additional deliverables in Grant Year 1. By the end of the year, the grantee will be prepared and confident to continue implementation for the remainder of the grant period.  



Each grantee must demonstrate full compliance of the CCBHC program to SAMHSA or their state. This is achieved through a process called “attestation," or "certification," due to SAMHSA or the state within 12 months of award. GBA's CCBHC Attestation and Policy Package provides grantees a structure and starting point for completing the Attestation/Certification, which is a time consuming and arduous process for grantees. The package includes: (a) Attestation template (Excel), listing every criterion to be addressed, with sample language or instruction for each, and suggested supporting documents to reference; (b) list of required and suggested supporting documents; (c) a CCBHC Policy and Operating Manual to be customized by the grantee; and (d) an virtual meeting to orient grantees to the process, use of materials, with instruction for completion of the Attestation/Certification.  



New grantees are required to complete a CCBHC Needs Assessment within six (6) months of award, to inform on the implementation of the program. Needs Assessments must include meaningful inclusion of the patient voice, and must be updated every three (3) years. GBA provides: (a) service area data, to include demographics and behavioral health disparities; (b) research and review other recent needs assessments conducted in the area; (c) development of online survey to ensure inclusion of patient and community voice; (d) stand-alone report of survey results for presentation to stakeholders; and (e) draft a full SAMHSA and National Council compliant Needs Assessment report for submission to SAMHSA.


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