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Prepare CCBHC Proposal & Application

Once an organization decides to apply for CCBHC funding, a member from the Gary Bess Associates (GBA) team  will work with the applicant to develop, prepare, draft, upload, and submit the grant.



GBA requires at least five (5) weeks’ notice before the deadline to provide grant writing services. We require all documents for submission to be final one week before the deadline to ensure a timely upload. We begin with a CCBHC Grant Checklist that establishes internal deadlines for completion of the various components of the grant. GBA will draft the required attachments, the project narrative, the project abstract, and the budget narrative, although completion of the budget will be the responsibility of the organization from templates we provide. The organization also will be responsible for providing resumes and biographical sketches for proposed staff, and any other needed documents required for the submission. Throughout the process, GBA provides project management to ensure timely preparation of the application. We will upload the proposal to the portal, and assist with technical issues that may arise until the grant has been successfully transmitted to SAMHSA.

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