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Assess Readiness for the CCBHC Program

Organizations with operational behavioral health departments may require extensive restructuring, adjustments to workflows, and retraining staff, including team capacity building, to transition their services to the CCBHC model.


How does an organization know if it is ready?


To assess for readiness, CCBHC Support recommends that an organization starts by reviewing the CCBHC FAQ page related to the NOFO.  Next careful review four (4) key documents, each of which are available on the CCBHC Materials page:


1) The most recently released NOFO;

2) The CCBHC Criteria Checklist (also known as Appendix M);

3) The Full CCBHC Implementation Criteria; and the

4) CCBHC Deal Breaker Checklist


CCBHC Deal Breaker Checklist was created by our team to highlight the most difficult aspects of the program. We have found that these components sometimes become "Deal Breakers" for organizations considering becoming a CCBHC.

To ensure your readiness, CCBHC Support is available to help with CCBHC grant writing, attestation, compliance, and evaluation.


After your careful consideration of the above four (4) items by the organization, CCBHC Support will provide a free 30-minute consultation for organizations interested in pursuing the CCBHC. On this call, we will answer questions or provide feedback on areas of concern. To schedule a 30-minute meeting, please reach us by email or phone.

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