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Evaluate CCBHC and Report to SAMHSA

As required by SAMHSA, the CCBHC must have an evaluator at 0.50 FTE (or 50%) level of effort. Experience and expertise is required for this role, although the minimum qualifications are not stated. The person designated to fill this role is subject to approval by SAMHSA.​ The role of the evaluator is to oversee the collection and management of data, analyze descriptive and outcome data, produce reports, and oversee implementation of the evaluation tasks required for the grant. Gary Bess Associates (GBA) offers CCBHC evaluation services and is experienced complying with evaluation requirements.



GBA uses a formative evaluation approach, which involves the evaluation team from the beginning and throughout the entire period. We use process assessment to identify barriers toward program compliance, data collection, and implementation issues. When applicable, adjustments and revisions can be made to the implementation and/or planning in real time, to improve the evaluation of the program. 


GBA's full-service evaluation provides oversight and management of the entire evaluation process for the CCBHC grant, including:

(a) implementation of evaluation required tasks; (b) data entry into SPARS; (c) collection and compilation of patient-level data; (d) analysis of patient-level and clinic-level data; (e) drafting of non-competing continuation application project narratives; (f) drafting of the Disparity Impact Statement and Random Sampling Plan; (g) development of a comprehensive evaluation plan; (h) drafting of programmatic reports to SAMHSA; (i) provide data dashboards; (j) assessment of patient perception of care; and (k) regular video-call meetings with the grantee and with the GPO to discuss program implementation.

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