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Evaluate the CCBHC and Report to SAMHSA

As required within the NOFO, the CCBHC must have an evaluator at 0.50 FTE level of effort. Experience and expertise is required for this role, although the minimum qualifications are not stated. The person designated to fill this role is subject to approval by SAMHSA.​ The role of the evaluator is to oversee the collection and management of data, analyze descriptive and outcome data, produce reports, and oversee implementation of the evaluation tasks required for the grant. CCBHC Support offers CCBHC evaluation services and is experienced complying with evaluation requirements.



Upon award, CCBHC Support will create a comprehensive Evaluation Plan for the organization. We will refine the data collection process and transmission of data from the organization to CCBHC Support. We will upload required data into SAMHSA's SPARS system. We will track client assessments to ensure data collection is complete and timely, and if requested, we will join the organization on the monthly check-in calls with SAMHSA. Finally, we will draft reports to SAMHSA, providing robust analysis and reporting on outcomes at multiple points in time. If assessing client satisfaction was included as part of your grant proposal, we can assist with that, as well. In summary, we take care of the full evaluation.



CCBHC Support will provide you will an Evaluation Plan, based on your grant proposal, the NOFO, and CCBHC criteria. The Evaluation Plan includes a data collection protocol, list of measures to be collected, list of data collection tools to be administered, and an orientation to the materials.

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