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Our Story

CCBHC Support is a part of Gary Bess Associates (GBA). Founded in 1991, GBA has helped more than 500 private, not-for-profit organizations and public agencies meet their missions and better serve their clients and communities. GBA has three-decade history of success delivering customized consultation services ranging from developing community health assessments, program evaluations, GIS mapping and analysis, community health planning, strategic planning, and grant proposal development.


In 2019, GBA became involved with the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) program, funded by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Since then, we have worked with multiple agencies to assess readiness for the program, have assisted several organizations through their attestation process, have assisted multiple agencies regarding implementation strategies of the required core CCBHC services, have written 12 CCBHC grant proposals, and have served as the evaluator for two CCBHC programs.


To formalize our work in this arena, GBA established CCBHC Support, to streamline the provision of resources, guidance, and consultation to current, new, and prospective CCBHCs. The CCBHC Support team is composed primarily of masters and doctorate level social workers with strong experience in grant writing, evaluation, and nonprofit management consultation. At CCBHC Support, we believe the CCBHC approach to integrated behavioral health care is here to stay and is comparable in many ways to the Federally Qualified Health Center program.   It is becoming the standard of care for diverse, low-income, underserved, uninsured, and marginalized populations.  We are among the leading experts in the CCBHC program - with experience serving clients in all aspects - from assessing readiness to grant writing, to implementation, compliance, and attestation, and also including federal reporting and full-service evaluation.


Meet the CCBHC Support team below.

Meet Our Team


     Gary Bess, DSW, Principal               Katie Strautman, DSW, Principal,           Jim Myers, MSW, Director of               Jetta Meadows, MSW, Lead               Jayne Ragland, Lead CCBHC 

                                                                   CCBHC Governance Consultant                   Evaluation/Planning                             CCBHC Consultant                         Data Management Consultant

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